Zinc is assigned number 30 on the periodic table. It is from this number that we derive our name and it is from this unassuming metal that all of our products find their beginnings. Located in Changhua, Taiwan, our family-run factory focuses on zinc production and has been in operation for over forty years. In 2013, we started collaborating with international designers to realise a new vision for zinc products. We are determined to carry on the art of zinc casting that has been passed on from one generation to another while exploring new possibilities for this unique material.


At no.30, we create our products using skilled metalworking combined with our designers’ unique perspectives on life. The properties of the materials we use allow for no.30’s gentle and neutral lines, while our different surface treatments surface treatments ensure that each product can play a role in one’s daily life. From both their use and their appearance, our silent yet undeniably present products make subtle marks on our consciousness.