The most essential objects for working space are curated by no.30 together with Office for Product Design, Yun Li and FMS. The no.30 Working Space Market will launch globally at Maison et Objet Paris on January 19-23, 2018.


Following the exciting launch of the no.30 Home Market, no.30 was interested in exploring everyday objects further with products for working space. Since 2016, no.30 has cooperated with OFPD and FMS for creating quietly but special home decoration. At the same time, the M&O Paris brought Yun Li together for no.30’s new stationary line.



The new collaboration came from the father of no.30 founder putting forward his opinion of making interesting vital objects for the everyday working space. Though he is almost 70, he is still young at heart and comes to work with no.30 team. Moreover, producing comforting items to make office fun to work is one of the original intentions that he and his daughter found brand no.30. Therefore, they enlisted OFPD, Yun Li and FMS’s help to pick some essential pieces for the working space. After combining different backgrounds and needs and sharing passion for design, no.30 create a collection aims at cheerful working which is related to people in all stages of life.


As people know that no.30’s mother company is a factory focuses on zinc production and has been in operation for over forty years, no.30 create products based on using zinc. While this time most new items are integrated with other materials, like copper, aluminum and glass, the possibility of design has been higher.


Inspired to create a collection that connected users and products deeply, no.30 and designers made designs emphasizing on its ability of interaction, distinctness and price ranges which make it easy to select, while maintaining the style quietly but special.

The collection includes everyday objects like pencil sharpener, table clock, mini vase and figurine for working space.



View All Working Space Products : https://no30-inc.com/#product
Press Kit Download : https://goo.gl/KWEjLf


2018 Maison&Object PARIS

After one year, no.30 will attend the Maison & Objet at Paris in January, 2018. This is the first time that we are going to launch our stationery items. From life space to office, no.30 would like to invite you to explore the relationship between objects and users.

Come to our stand and take a look of our newest series!

Booth: Hall7 B214

Date: Jan.19-23, 2018 09:00-18:00



2017 no.30 X Ferment store | Free Speeches

Stories of Zinc factory

Ferment store are surrounded by various traditional small factories. The first time we met, we talked about the history of this area and the distance between traditional manufacturing industries and modern people. Because of this, founders of both brands decided to hold two free speeches to share the stories of no.30 and introduce the process of zinc production. Furthermore, we will help you experience how to polish the zinc. Contact us if you are interested in this, too.


Time | July 22th / 29th 15:00-16:30
Location | 2F., No.1, Ln. 47, Chifeng St., Datong Dist., Taipei City


2017 no.30 X Ferment store pop-up

no.30 has been worked with different stores all over the world. Although we still stick to our core spirit that we want to offer something quietly special, we decided to cooperate with Ferment Store in Taipei to open a happy pop-up store and hope you can spend the summer time with us.

This pop-up store will last for a month. During this time, there will be customize service and speeches. We’d like to invite you to put your words on our products and then give it to someone you love to show your concern for them. Furthermore, speeches are free and are meant to introduce the zinc material to all. You can also experience how to polish zinc products.

Here’s our pop-up schedule. To see more details, please kindly follow us and Ferment store. Will publish soon.

Opening Party | 7.14 15:00-19:00 (Free to attend.)
Customize service | 7.7-7.30
Speeches | 7.22 / 7.29 15:00-16:30 (Free to sign up.)


– Opening Party –

Our 4-hours opening party will be held on the Happy Friday, July 14th. Come to visit us and have some delicious snacks. Take friends to here is definitely a good choice.

Time | July 14th 15:00-19:00
Location | 2F., No.1, Ln. 47, Chifeng St., Datong Dist., Taipei City